How to build a community

Networking and community building is crucial in becoming a successful streamer. Collaborations, memes, and communication in social media could help you to promote your channel. Let them be a continuation of your personality, available on other platforms. It takes a lot of time but could be more effective than ads.

Active users

Communication is the key to success. On average there is 1 to 30 percent of active users in a chat, depending on the size of the audience. Others are just silent observers, and your goal is to keep them entertained. As you know from your own experience, you may lose interest even after a minute of streamer's silence.

Try to engage newcomers, welcome them on your broadcast. It could scare someone off but is appealing to most of the viewers.

Social media

You can maintain some level of discussion in chat via moderators and keywords. It is an easy way to reduce toxicity, spam, excessive emotes. Making some rules is helpful if you want to build a friendly community.

Your regular viewers would like to discuss you in social media. Personal threads and fan groups can give you some control over it. Moreover, your fans are usually interested in getting to know you better. Don't limit your social presence only to the stream announcements. React to commentaries, engage communication.


Giveaways, collaborations, and streams with subscribers still do the work. Even your most loyal viewers need the motivation to share a publication on social media. Engage them.

Building a community is not easy, but it is a part of the job. Your task is to find an audience with whom you feel connected. When you do, grateful viewers will support you in any situation.

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