How to start streaming

Anyone can start streaming. You need software like OBS Studio and a PC powerful enough for video and audio capture. At first, basic web-camera and microphone will be enough. You can upgrade them after a few months.

Make plans and set goals

Setting goals is more important than top-tier equipment. Use viewers and followers counters to check your progress. Make a schedule for yourself and your viewers. Few months of regular steaming is usually enough to understand should you continue or not.

Find your niche and style

Streaming on Twitch and other platforms mean you'll have a lot of competitors. To become a good streamer, you should find your niche and audience. Streaming big games like Fortnite can bring you more viewers, but you will have more rivals. On the other hand, you can be the only one playing some indie game but with zero people interested in it.

Your style and how you communicate with the audience is a way to stand out. Most of the people follow streamers because of personalities, not their skills. Also, it is important not to stay silent for a long time. Even a minute without chatting can cost you some viewers.

If you are more interested in communication and entertainment, try to stream IRL content. This content is somewhat similar to one on YouTube and Instagram. Main categories on Twitch are:

  • Just Chatting;
  • Music & Performing Arts;
  • Talk Shows & Podcasts;
  • Art;
  • ASMR;
  • Travel & Outdoors.

There is a lot of competition, but also more ways to express yourself and create unique content.

These streams usually take more time for preparation. Unless you can talk non-stop for hours, you need a scenario. Think of it as of TV-show: some prepared themes, challenges, chatting with viewers, other interactions. Don't be afraid to experiment — IRL is a very rewarding category for that.

Few more things

Try to find a unique nickname before creating a Twitch account. At best it must be not taken on other social platforms. You'll need Reddit, Twitter, and other media for building a community.

Do a test run. Invite friends as viewers for your first stream, ask them for feedback. Watch VOD afterward, mark your mistakes. There is always room for improvement. Just keep streaming: you will become better with practice.

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