General settings

In order to protect your account and connect two-factor authentication, enter your phone number in the "SMS confirmation when withdrawing funds" category.

DonationAlerts strongly recommends that you link the withdrawal of funds to a phone number. It doesn't take much time, but it will reliably protect your account.

In the "Connections" category, you can connect accounts on various streaming platforms. To unlink a platform, click "Disconnect". If, however, you have registered via a specific platform, for example, Twitch, then that platform is designated as the main one for your DonationAlerts account, and you will not be able to disable the link.

In the regional settings section, you can select the main currency for the account, as well as the time zone. All payments from viewers that are in a different currency from the main one will be converted automatically according to the Central Bank's exchange rate.

Donation page

At the top, there is a link to the page for sending messages. Place this link on your streaming platforms and social networks. This is the link that viewers will use to send you paid messages.

In the "Design" section, you can customize your message sending page.

At the bottom you will find the option to configure the minimum amount for sending a message. Set a lower limit for each currency in order to avoid spam messages.

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