Basic settings

To protect your account and enable two-factor authentication, enter your phone number in the "SMS confirmation of withdrawals" section.

Please note that DonationAlerts strongly recommends that you link the ability to withdraw funds to your phone number. It doesn't take much time, and it will help protect your account.

In the "Connections" section, you can connect various streaming accounts to your DonationAlerts account. To disconnect a platform, click "Disconnect". Keep this in mind: if you registered using a particular platform, e.g. Twitch, then that platform will be the primary platform for your DonationAlerts account. You cannot disconnect your primary platform.

In the regional settings section, you can select the account's main currency and time zone. Note that the "Main currency" only affects how money amounts are displayed in your account. This feature is for the streamer's convenience and does not affect how funds are received from viewers.

"Send donation" page

At the top you can see the link to the page for sending donations. Put this link on streaming platforms and social networks. This is the link that viewers will use to send you donations. Design settings for the "send donation" page are located below that.

The "Design" section has several layouts for your "send donation" page.

The setting for the minimum donation amount is at the bottom. Set a minimum donation amount to avoid spam alerts.

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