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The graph shows data for the last seven days. This graph helps you quickly see how successful you were in getting donations last week. Below is the news feed with the official VKontakte group. This is where you will be able to find the latest news about the project.

My messages

This page contains all the messages you received during your streams. The "General Statistics" category shows you the total amount you have received for all time. The "Donations" category lets you filter donations for a specific time interval and by the names of specific viewers (using the "User name" field). The "Add donation" button lets you send a message manually. This feature is useful if funds were sent to you directly or through another platform, but you want to maintain accurate statistics. Note that this donation will be marked as "Manual" (manually added) in the donation list. Please note that funds for donations added manually through the website cannot be withdrawn. These donations are only for necessary to maintain correct statistics.

You can delete donations by clicking on the wastebasket icon. However, please note that you cannot recover deleted notifications.

My withdrawals

Here you can see your balance and transfer it to your wallet. You can make withdraws using QIWI and WebMoney.

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount for a QIWI wallet is 1.5 rubles. The minimum amount for WebMoney is 80 rubles; only WMR, WMZ and WME wallets are supported (rubles, dollars, euros).

Your withdrawal history includes all payments made to your wallets.

  • "Success" indicates that the payment was debited from your DonationAlerts balance and sent to your wallet;
  • "Error" indicates an unsuccessful withdrawal. Please note that in this case funds have not been deducted from your balance. If you encounter a problem with a withdrawal, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact customer support;
  • "Pending" indicates that the funds are on the way. If the status has not changed after 2 business days, please contact our customer support.


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