Streamer burnout

Even if streaming is not your main source of income, you may know how exhausting it could be. After a few hours of broadcasting, many are experiencing not only a sore throat but emotional depletion and general fatigue.

While some can go live daily, our data is showing that it is more profitable to stream a few days in the week.


Burnout is a widespread problem among content creators. Constant pressure by viewers count, like/dislike ratio, and people's judgment is challenging.

Your path to goals like a specific number of constant viewers or subscribers could take some time. It is necessary to pursue those goals if you want to become a successful streamer. But being able to do it consistently is more valuable.

Stream schedule

According to many streamers, broadcasts must be regular. But if you feel exhausted after a stream, maybe it is better to adjust the schedule. Viewers can always sense if you are tired or not in the mood.

You need to find a balance when streaming is enjoyable both to you and to the viewers. After constant overwork, one day you may find yourself incapable of streaming for a lengthy period. It will be damaging both to you and your streaming career.

How to deal with stress

There are many ways to cope with stress. Physical and social activity, other interests, hobbies, and relaxation techniques can help. Mental health problems became quite common among content creators. There is no shame in seeking professional help.

Sometimes it is better to take a break for a while. After a rest, you even may have new ideas on how to improve your streams. And while you are on break, you can continue to keep in touch with your community via social media.

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