I've received a notification saying that withdrawal of funds has been blocked. What should I do?

Contact our support service and tell them all the information that is requested in the notification. We'll be sure to deal with the situation and will inform you of any further actions.

Important notice: The DonationAlerts service can be used exclusively for viewers to provide voluntary support to streamers and their broadcasts.

Misuse of the service is prohibited and may be prosecuted. Such misuse includes:

  • as a wallet;
  • as a currency exchange service;
  • as a means of transferring money from abroad;
  • for accepting payment for the sale of services/goods/items.

This means that you may not sell cheats for games, content rated 18+, e-store goods, or game accounts using the DonationAlerts service, nor may you use it as a collective wallet for gathering funds to pay for a game server, for example.

If you receive donations that are not for streaming activity, then in all likelihood, you may be prevented from withdrawing funds from your account by the security system.

You can read more details about the purpose of the service and its usage in the "Terms of Service" and "Payment Terms".

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