What to learn from the top streamers

Top streamers started years ago and made all possible mistakes on their way to fame. You can avoid some of them and borrow general ideas. Not all of them — it will take away your uniqueness. Or maybe you decide to use none of them and go your own way. Either way, learning some from professionals is never a bad thing.

General behavior

By analyzing experienced streamers behavior, you can notice how flexible they are to the situations. For example, if you are usually streaming with a party, the main fun to the viewers come from your interaction with teammates. What can you do if the usual teammates are unavailable and you are streaming solo? Interact more with the chat. Tell stories or switch to the abstract topics. In other words, change your communication pattern.

Studying how top streamers deals with different situations can help you overcome typical problems.

Unique traits

You definitely can adopt some general features from more experienced streamers. But borrowing unique traits is a big no-no. Viewers always can spot if you are behaving unnaturally.

Top streamers became successful thanks to many factors, including personality traits, behavior patterns, and style of communication. If you are generally a calm person trying to do more emotional reactions, you are more likely to get into cringe compilation, not the rage one.


Do you need to follow the trends? Usually, there are one or two dominating. Specific games, challenges, clickbait in the title can boost your channel. Just remember, that it is not all you need to become more popular. People may come to check you because of the catchy headline, but whether they will stay or not is depending on you.

Don't be afraid to try your ideas and different approaches, even if you are following the trend.

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