Embedding a widget in XSplit

This article will describe how to embed an alert widget in XSplit.

Step 1: Check for Adobe Flash Player

For the widget to operate correctly in XSplit, you need Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Otherwise, the widget will not have sound.

You can get Adobe Flash Player free of charge from Adobe's website.

After following the specified link, select your operating system and the components to download. Download and install NPAPI and PPAPI.

Step 2: Add the widget

In the "Alerts" section of your control panel, find and copy your unique OBS, XSplit, or Kast link.

In XSplit, click "Add" under the "Scene Sources" list. Then select "Other", then "Webpage URL...".

In the window that appears, enter the previously copied link in the "URL" field and click "OK".

To edit the widget settings, right-click on the widget in the "Scene Sources" list.

That's it!

In the "Alerts" section of the control panel, click "Add test alert". The alert should appear in your XSplit software.

If for some reason XSplit still does not have sound, completely reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

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