mansur mansur
Meet Mansur - the bear with a unique fate.
Three years ago bear has appeared on the airfield Orlovka. It was found by pilots which were reconstructing rare airplanes IL-14. After several failed tries to find home for Bear it became clear that they have the life of Mansur in their own hands. Now Mansur lives on the airfield Oreshkovo in the region of Kaluga in the aviary on donations from caring people. The upkeep requires significant funds and avia-bear Mansur starts to take donations with DonationAlerts support via the live broadcast.
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Mansur needs your help and support
Every viewer has an opportunity to support Mansur by any convenient way, send a message and see what bear does, how it eats and how cozy in his aviary. The live camera works 24/7 and you can see how Mansur plays and converse with its friends from IL-14 team on the weekends.
Support Mansur
Accounting is being published regularly on Mansur's website
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