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Stay home

DonationAlerts unites hundreds of thousands of streamers from all over the world. And now, facing a real threat, we want to bring together our expertise and knowledge to fight against it. Today anyone who stays at home and avoids unnecessary contacts with people helps to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We’ve gathered instruments that will help you get through the quarantine as well as take care of your audience.

Let's help doctors together! #спасибодоктор
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#СпасибоДоктор is an all-Russian fundraiser for medical masks, gloves and costumes for doctors that are fighting with Covid-19. All funds collected will be used for purchasing personal protection equipment. Anyone can take part and help!
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Take care of your audience, put a special widget on your stream that will remind basic rules of behavior when dealing with the epidemic
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Now your donater in addition to gratitude will see recommendations on how to avoid the contagion